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Adventure Ideas for the Midlife Crowd


Let’s be honest, sometimes life gets comfortable. The routine sets in, and while there’s certainly comfort in that, there’s also an undeniable itch for something…more. Maybe it’s the itch for a road trip, a desire to push your boundaries, or you just want to shake things up. This time of year I start thinking about getting out of Tulsa and dreaming of my next vacay! With young kids at home I don’t have the luxury of long vacations without them, so most places I’ve been were tacked onto a work trip or were experienced as a quick getaway.

Forget the idea that grand adventures are reserved for our GenZ sisters. Our experiences, wisdom, and perhaps even a smidge of audacity, equip us perfectly for adventures that are entirely our own.  So, where do we begin? The world is your oyster, sis, and here are a few ideas to get you started:

Bar Harbor, MN: Maine isn’t easy to get to from Tulsa, but it’s so worth it. Bar Harbor is one of the most charming places I’ve ever seen and Acadia National Park is there on the island! Make sure you lace up your boots and hit the trail! I’m not an avid hiker, but hiking through Acadia was amazing. There’s something about surrounding yourself with God’s creation while hiking that fills me with appreciation for the beauty and changes the way I think. I’d also recommend a lobster boat tour!   

Tulsa Adventures over 40  

New Orleans, LA: When I tell people I LOVE New Orleans I usually get the stink-eye, but that’s because they haven’t experienced my New Orleans. The NOLA I’m talking about isn’t Bourbon St. and wild parties – I’ve aged out of that life. I’m talking about exploring the Garden District and taking in the beautiful architecture, shopping on Magazine Street, eating the best food on the planet, and getting out of the city to tour a plantation. (Check out Laura. She’s my favorite!) 

New Orleans for midlifers

Asheville, NC: Asheville is delightfully quirky! The downtown is full of cute boutiques and shops and yummy restaurants. You’re right there in the Smoky Mountains so there’s plenty of exploring, waterfalls to see, and scenic drives for days! I’d recommend getting a cabin in the woods with a great porch or cozy fireplace. The Biltmore is 100% worth it! Tour the house, enjoy the gardens, drink the wine, and eat at the stables. 

Biltmore Mansion in your 40s

Portland, OR: Okay Portland the city was fine – I didn’t have strong feelings about it one way or the other. What I loved about it was how close we were to other incredible spots. Multnomah Falls was so beautiful and a must see for any Portland trip. My favorite near-Portland spot is Cannon Beach (The Goonies nostalgia alone is a good enough reason to visit). The nature right there on the beach was incredible – we saw starfish, Puffins, and eagles! The town was picturesque and filled with quaint shops and restaurants. 

Cannon Beach Midlife

Breckenridge, CO: There’s few things I love more than the Rocky mountains in summertime. I’ve said Breck, but I’d say anywhere in central Colorado is a great getaway; Golden, Idaho Spring (Beau Jo’s pizza, y’all!), and even Denver! Biking, hiking, and good food make for a great vacay! Make sure you slow down and look for a moose! Seeing one in the wild is, well, wild! 

Breckenridge for midlifers

So, pack your bags, friends, and embark on a journey that celebrates your spirit, reconnects you with nature, and reminds you that life is an ongoing exploration, waiting to be embraced. The world awaits, and you, my dear, are ready to explore it.

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