Self-Care for the Stressed Out

silhouette boudoir

Hey gorgeous! It’s Andrea, your friendly neighborhood boudoir photographer, back with a dose of real talk about self-care. Let’s face it, running a business, wrangling small humans (who seem to be becoming young women overnight!), and keeping the house from resembling a disaster zone – it’s enough to make even the most #bossbabe entrepreneur wants…

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Embracing Your Inner Romantic with Mrs. A

Soft boudoir photos

Ah, Mrs. A! A client who’s held a special place in my heart for quite some time. We’ve brainstormed countless photoshoot ideas, but this was a  brand new chapter for her – her very first boudoir session! And ya know what? It’s about dang time! Haha! I love this girl and we go wayyyy back!…

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Adventure Ideas for the Midlife Crowd

Let’s be honest, sometimes life gets comfortable. The routine sets in, and while there’s certainly comfort in that, there’s also an undeniable itch for something…more. Maybe it’s the itch for a road trip, a desire to push your boundaries, or you just want to shake things up. This time of year I start thinking about…

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Hidden Gems in Your Closet for Boudoir Photography

non-lingerie boudoir outfits

Today, I’m all about celebrating the magic you already have tucked away in your closet. Because let’s face it, while it’s fun to make new purchases for your boudoir session, you probably have something in your wardrobe that’s a total hidden gem! So, for a minute let’s pause the lingerie shopping spree and unleash your…

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Disappointment to Delight: My Client’s Boudoir Photography Journey

tulsa boudoir photographer

Stepping into the world of boudoir photography was a decision she made with a mix of excitement and apprehension. She wanted to capture her femininity and celebrate her body, but she also harbored insecurities and concerns about the process. Her initial experience with a different boudoir photographer only amplified those fears, leaving her feeling disheartened…

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Why I Don’t Shoot Couple’s Boudoir Photography

 Something that’s gained a ton of popularity over the last few years is couple’s boudoir photography. We hear from a lot of past and potential clients that this is something that interests them. While I love to hear feedback from you all and it helps me tremendously, I thought it would be helpful to share…

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Outdoor Boudoir – Limited Edition

Water Boudoir

Outdoor Boudoir Limited Edition sessions are here! One day. Six Spots. Picture yourself in the beautiful outdoors, in a creek wearing a white slip, a lacy robe, or maybe a pair of cutoff jean shorts. For the first time we are moving the boudoir studio to the great outdoors! Let’s start the summer not dreading…

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