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Boudoir Over 50 – Tulsa Boudoir Photographer

Tulsa Boudoir

Here at Andrea Murphy Boudoir, we celebrate the timeless beauty of women. And let me tell you, there’s something truly captivating about a woman who’s lived a rich life, who carries the wisdom of years etched on her face, and whose eyes sparkle with a confidence only experience can bring. Yes, I’m talking about the phenomenal gals over 50 who are gracing my studio with their incredible presence.

There’s a misconception that boudoir photography is for the young and flawless. To that I simply say, LOL. Boudoir is about celebrating YOU.  It’s about capturing the woman you’ve become – the one who has weathered storms, raised babies, and built a life. If boudoir has your curiosity piqued, you’re not alone: the #1 reason women come to me for boudoir photos is to celebrate their 50th birthday.

Let’s talk about those worries that might be holding you back. You might think your body isn’t what it used to be. And let’s be real here, it’s probably not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be photographed in a beautiful way. I’ve photographed hundreds of women for over 24 years and I’ve seen allll the body types. Saggy parts? We’ve all got them. Don’t let that hold you back. 

During your boudoir session, we’ll focus on what makes you look and feel beautiful. Luxurious lighting, skilled posing, and curated outfits and lingerie are the key to a great session. It’s not about hiding anything; it’s about embracing it all in a flattering way.

Boudoir photography after fifty isn’t about chasing some bygone youth. It’s about reclaiming your narrative, rewriting the baloney story that says beauty fades with age. It’s a chance to see yourself through a new (ie “my”) lens, to discover a different kind of allure, a deeper kind of sensuality. It’s about celebrating the woman you are, right now, in this very moment.

Are you ready to experience the magic? Let’s chat and create a boudoir session that reflects the stunning, powerful woman you’ve become. Because trust me, lady, you’ve earned it.

Andrea Murphy Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Andrea Murphy is a boudoir photographer for women who are ready to step into their beauty, confidence, and power so they can tranform the way they see themselves.

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