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Boudoir Skin Secrets: Achieve a Radiant Complexion for Your Photoshoot

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Your boudoir photoshoot is just around the corner, and the excitement is growing! But amidst the preps you may be asking: “How do I get my skin photoshoot-ready?” Fear not, gorgeous! Let’s unlock the boudoir skin secrets for a radiant, confident glow that steals the spotlight.

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Prep Like a Pro:

  • Hydration: The week of the session I want to up your water intake. Most of us can use a bit more H20, right? Up your daily water by 2-3 cups. This helps to make you glowy and lovely! Bonus: It can also help flush out any water weight you’re hanging onto. 
  • Exfoliate: Gentle exfoliation 2-3 times a week is key. Buff away dullness and reveal smoother, brighter skin. Opt for natural scrubs with oats or sugar. And now to make things slightly awkward… don’t forget those booty cheeks!  
  • Moisturizing: This is especially important in the winter. Grab your favorite lotion and harness your inner Wendy Peffercorn from Sandlot and get to “oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling”. (And if you appreciate that reference we just became best friends.) Don’t forget to bring the lotion with you on the day of your session. Elbows and knees can quickly start looking dry and there’s not much photoshop can do about that. 

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The Radiant Ritual:

  • Masking: Face masks work wonders! Pamper yourself with a hydrating or brightening mask 1-2 nights before the shoot. Bonus points if it has vitamin C! 
  • Facial: I’ve noticed the gals that have had a facial about a week before the session always have an extra glow to their skin. Just don’t book it too close to your session because it might bring impurities to the surface that cause blemishes. 
  • Get your beauty rest: Easier said than done, right? Try to prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep in the days leading up to your shoot. This is just all around great advice for life, but it’s great for soothing skin. 

Bonus Tips:    best skin for boudoir

  • To tan or not to tan: This one is totally up to you. But if you feel better with a little extra color consider getting a spray tan. It evens out skin tones if it’s done by a professional. I’m a big fan of Sprayd here in Tulsa. 
  • Let the pros step in: A professional makeup artist is a wonderful bonus to any photoshoot. We work with some of the very best and are happy to get that booked for you! 
  • Own Your Confidence: Remember, the most beautiful accessory is your own confidence. Embrace your flaws and celebrate your unique beauty. Shine on, ladybug!

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Andrea Murphy Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Andrea Murphy is a boudoir photographer for women who are ready to step into their beauty, confidence, and power so they can tranform the way they see themselves.

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