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Hidden Gems in Your Closet for Boudoir Photography

non-lingerie boudoir outfits

Today, I’m all about celebrating the magic you already have tucked away in your closet. Because let’s face it, while it’s fun to make new purchases for your boudoir session, you probably have something in your wardrobe that’s a total hidden gem! So, for a minute let’s pause the lingerie shopping spree and unleash your inner stylist with these creative boudoir looks, all using what you already own. 


Let’s think beyond the fabulous lingerie and take a peek in that closet for alternate looks. 


  1. Your Favorite Dress:

That little black dress you haven’t worn in ages? Give it a new lease on life! There’s something so feminine and fun about a dress. Bonus: this is a great opportunity to get a beautiful portrait fully clothed. These images are perfect for prints for your walls and gifts!  elegant boudoir

  1. The Classic Button-down:

Raiding your hubby’s closet can be a treasure trove for boudoir inspiration. Slip into his oversized button-down shirt, leave it open low to reveal a peek of lace underneath, and pair it with high-waisted jeans or cheeky panties. This look is all about playful sensuality. Feeling bold? Unbutton the shirt and let the “ladies” free! button down boudoir shirt

  1. Cut-offs:

What Oklahoma girl doesn’t own a pair of cut-offs? They can be such a fun addition to your outfits and they’re easy to slip on over something else for a transformed look. You can use them with a full western look or go for something soft and casual. cut offs

  1. A cozy sweater or cardigan:

Boudoir isn’t just about lace and silk. Go comfy with an oversized sweater and fluffy socks. Add a touch of intimacy with a peek of a lacy camisole or playful lingerie strap. Bonus: Bring your favorite book  or coffee cup for an additional prop. light and airy boudoir

  1. Favorite Blazer or Jacket:

I love a blazer! Pair it with a bra and panties or bring the full suit. A moto jacket, leather coat, or fringed jacket all can photograph beautifully and bring so much personality to an outfit. These looks are all about expressing your personality and having fun with fashion. boudoir outfit ideas

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the power of accessories! Play with hats, scarves, jewelry, and even vintage gloves to extra va va voom to your look.

Remember, lady, boudoir is about you, not your clothes. I want to make suggestions, but I don’t want you to get so hung up on these details that you stress out. Part of your experience when you book a boudoir session is that we’ll have a pre-consultation where we plan out all these details and discuss what works best for you. 

So, there you have it! Shop your closet, unleash your creativity, and get ready to be amazed by the hidden gems waiting to enhance your boudoir experience.

Andrea Murphy Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Andrea Murphy is a boudoir photographer for women who are ready to step into their beauty, confidence, and power so they can tranform the way they see themselves.

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