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How do you say boudoir?

boudoir photography

For years we’ve been getting emails about bordeaux photography, boudrawer photography (that was a fun one), boodwah photography, and boudreaux photography. I’m kinda partial to the “boudreaux photography” – it’s the Cajun in me. I knew a Mr. Boudreaux once, he was a racoon that would sneak into a friend’s backyard and dine on their trash… but I digress. In person, people stumble over it even worse. It usually consists of them saying timidly, “I’m interested in boo… boo… um, lingerie photos” Yes we’ve had a little giggle about some of these spellings and sayings, but it’s not like boudoir is in your everyday vocabulary like it is mine and other photographers. So there’s absolutely no judgement on our part. And hey, this is Oklahoma not France. We just thought it was time for a little interpretation for those that might be on the struggle bus about it. So without further ado, here is the proper pronunciation of boudoir.

So what exactly is boudoir photography? In a way, that’s kind of up to you. Some would define it as lingerie photography, and for the most part, that is a good description. But it can be so much more (or sometimes less 😉 ) than that. Lingerie tends to be the most popular choice, but sometimes a boudoir session is defined by you just being your sexy self. What makes you feel the most sexy? Is it a fabulous little black dress? Is it a  tank-top and jeans? Or maybe it’s an oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater. For some women they feel most sexy in nothing but a smile! To break it down to its simplest terms, a boudoir session is a photoshoot dedicated to just being a supermodel for the day. But it definitely goes beyond that: it’s a gift, and experience, a confidence builder, and so much more. You can choose for it to be sensual and provocative, or maybe you’d prefer glamorous and flirty. Whatever your desire, we can make happen.

In your pre-consultation, that takes place about a week before the session, we’ll discuss your vision of the photos and decide which direction to take it. You’ll be able to go through our custom designed albums and show us what photos appeal to you. If you’re doing this session for your husband, fiance, or significant other we can discuss what you think they’ll like as well. Just to take away the guesswork…. They’re going to love just about anything because they love YOU. And yes, while you’re doing it for him, I promise you you’ll be just as thrilled with the experience. It’s so great that a number of my clients come back every few years to create an updated book.

If you’re on the fence but you like the idea getting to be a supermodel or maybe you’re due for a confidence boost, give us a shout so we can chat about it. After all, a boudreaux session just can’t be beat.

Andrea Murphy Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Andrea Murphy is a boudoir photographer for women who are ready to step into their beauty, confidence, and power so they can tranform the way they see themselves.

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