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Top 5 Reasons To Have A Maternity Boudoir Session

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Maternity boudoir photography. Yes it’s thing. If I have one area that people are most shocked about when I tell them what I photograph, its gotta be maternity boudoir. I sometimes get these horrified looks and gasps of “People do that?! I hated being pregnant!!” And ya know what, I kinda get it. Personally I had very easy pregnancies, but I still didn’t really enjoy it. The perception is that the women that do these photo shoots must have had very easy pregnancies and were just totally confident in their bodies. I do have clients every now and then that feel that way. I’ve had some tell me they’ve never felt sexier being pregnant and they wanted to capture that, but that certainly isn’t the norm. In fact, I’ve found that it’s quite the opposite for the most part.

If you’ve been pregnant, you know the psychotic hormones wide array of emotions you experience for those 9+ months. You can go from feeling strong and like Wonder Woman (I mean hello, you’re growing a human!!) to being insecure and wondering what your life (and body) will look like after that precious baby is in your arms. Those thoughts and emotions tend to play into the decision for a boudoir session when you may or may not be feeling your most glamorous. The question of “why” to do a maternity boudoir session is a pretty vast one.

I’m here to make a case for why I think it’s a great idea.

1) This Pregnancy is Unique
Maybe its your first pregnancy, or your last, or maybe this will be your only pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are so many women dealing with infertility and they’re aware that this could very likely be their one and only pregnancy. I can’t tell you the number of women that have been in my studio, beyond thankful, because they had struggled for that miracle baby. The point is, the opportunity will only be there once. You may have more babies, but the way you feel today is unique to only that pregnancy. A maternity boudoir session is a great way to celebrate it!

2) Your Curves are Kickin’
The number on the scale might be higher these days, but how ‘bout that awesome rack?! And that booty that once lacked some of the curve you wanted? Yeah, baby got back! I’d propose that this is a great time to slip into a sexier piece of lingerie and show off those curves. I’m willing to bet that your hubby agrees that you’re as hot now pregnant as you were before. Personally, I think a pregnant woman is just stunning!! I remember just a few months ago, pregnant, feeling not so stunning. People would tell me I was glowing and I really wondered if they were crazy. Now just a few months out I see a pregnant lady and I’m just enthralled by how beautiful they are! Trust what people are saying, you’re just so beautiful even if you’re not feeling it. What better time would there be for a boudoir session when you’re beautiful, glowing, and have curves in all the right places?

3) You Need Pampering
I get it. You’re a woman – you already have a full plate. You’re either working a demanding job or chasing your other small children or both. You make dinner. You clean the house. And dangit nothing sounds better than a medium rare steak, with a side of sushi, and a whole bottle of wine. Scratch that. A pitcher of margaritas. On top of all that, you’re making a human 24/7. How great would it be to sit in our dressing room, surrounded by a team of hair and makeup artists, sipping a mocktail, and then get to play the part of a model for an hour or so? The very experience just removes you from the rest of the world and gives you the chance to focus on yourself a little bit. Please don’t mistake me, that’s not selfishness. That’s taking time to reset and getting pampered. We love teaming up with some of the very best hair and makeup artists in Tulsa. They’re trained to do hair and makeup so you’ll be camera ready. I know lots of people that are great at doing their own makeup, but no offense, you’re not trained the way they are. I choose the hair and makeup artists I work with very carefully and they’re experts in creating the perfect boudoir style for your session.

4) It’s Empowering
I remember a lady a few years ago that had a terrible pregnancy. You know, puking the whole time, fainting spells, labor pains starting early on, etc. If it was a bad symptom, this chick had it. Anyone out there relating to this? She came to me because she needed to be able to remember something good about it. She needed to feel like something more than a miserable baby making machine. Despite how she was feeling going into the session, she came out of it feeling like a sexy woman again. With any boudoir session, it turns out to be more of a confidence builder for the client than anything else. Some women could really use that enormous boost of confidence when they’re pregnant.

5) You’ll Quickly Forget How You Looked
Pretty soon, this pregnancy will be a distant memory. For those first few weeks after you deliver your bundle of joy (or in my case, the first couple years) you may not be loving the way your post-baby body looks. It can be such a great encouragement to be able to open your custom designed album and remind yourself of the awesome work you just went through. Your body is doing something incredible, and it’s worth documenting it. Let us help you bring out the sensual and soft side of you during this time, and create a beautiful portrait with which you can remember it.

Hair & Makeup by the ever fabulous Tulsa Bridal Beauty!



Andrea Murphy Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Andrea Murphy is a boudoir photographer for women who are ready to step into their beauty, confidence, and power so they can tranform the way they see themselves.

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